Patient E-ngagement: A Marriage Made in Cyber Space


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Product Description

It wasn’t very long ago that industry involvement with social media consisted of only what our experts call “buzz monitoring,” or the analysis and interpretation of patients’ public comments in online communities. While this practice was a good place to start, the industry is set to take the next step beyond to participate in the more valuable opportunity of engaging in two-way conversations with patients. The industry has made the all-important shift from unengaged listening to deliberate interactions with patients.
According to research conducted by Daniel Ghinn, CEO and director of digital engagement at Creation Healthcare, a new paradigm emerges every year, signaling…

Patient Engagement Best Practices
GSK Improves Process for Digital ­Engagement
A Social Media Community for MS ­Researchers

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. CEO and ­Director of Digital Engagement, Creation ­Healthcare, an engagement strategy consultancy specializing in the ­healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. For more information, visit
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