Talent Pool


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Product Description

Executive Appointments and Promotions in the Healthcare Industry

Featured Talent:

Pharma POOL
Michael D. Kishbauch, Achillion Pharmaceuticals
Kee Moore, STADA Pharmaceuticals
Luis VĂ©lez, STADA Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Michael Shalmi, Novo Nordisk

Biotech POOL
Katrine Bosley, Compound Therapeutics

Biopharmaceutical POOL
Evan M. Levine, Adventrx Pharmaceuticals
Dennis Podlesak, Peninsula Pharmaceuticals
William J. Rieflin, XenoPort
Dr. Pierre Tran, XenoPort

Specialty POOL
Jeffrey S. Arcara, InKine Pharmaceutical
Joseph J. Rogus, Advancis Pharmaceutical
Dr. Thomas Wicks, Odyssey Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Sam Hutcheson, PRA International
Brian McAllister, PRA International
Bucky Walsh, PRA International
George Rafols, PharmaLinkFHI
Ken Wilson, PharmaLinkFHI

Service POOL
Michael Lang, BioEnterprise
David L. Schlotterbeck, Cardinal Health
Dwight Winstead, Cardinal Health

Public-Relations POOL
Dave Helbing, HealthInfo
Glenn Raines, HealthInfo

Medical-Education POOL
Michael D. Nielsen, AAF-MED
Barbara Pagano, HealthEd
Scott Shelko, HealthEd
Ken Thorlton, HealthEd
Barbara Willis, HealthEd

Consulting POOL
Matthew J. Bates, Solucient
John H. Freeman, Taratec
George Tenne, Stinson Brand Innovation

Technology/Web POOL
Ronald DiNofa, ClinPhone
Sharon R. Favata, ClinPhone
Andy Sontag, CRF

Agency POOL
Alyshia Allaire, Healthworld Communications Group
Shanley Cooke, Healthworld Communications Group
Manisha Dadarka, Healthworld Communications Group
Caren Dranoff, Healthworld Communications Group
Karin Drew, Healthworld Communications Group
Eric Fortson, Healthworld Communications Group
Kip Kliegerman, Healthworld Communications Group
Mary Pagnotta, Healthworld Communications Group
Veasna Por, Healthworld Communications Group
Nazanin Tabrizi, Healthworld Communications Group
Jeffrey Uddo, Healthworld Communications Group
Maribel Arellano, Zoomedia
Penny Chumley, Zoomedia
Sarah Duckett, Zoomedia
Dr. Erica Fawell, Zoomedia
Kathleen Lytle, Zoomedia
Amber Bahlke, HealthSTAR Advertising
Tami Beth Bloom, HealthSTAR Advertising
Bob Karczewski, HealthSTAR Advertising
Adrienne J. Zajac, HealthSTAR Advertising
Suzanne Bryant, Adair-Greene Healthcare Communications
Brian Carlock, Grey Healthcare Group
Dr. Donna Wolff, Grey Healthcare Group
Rebecca Frederick, Conectics
Stacy Hall, Giant Creative Strategy
Michael Sperling, Giant Creative Strategy
Lorraine Hinck, Natrel Communications
Shannan Orbach, Natrel Communications
Dave Scott, Natrel Communications
David Hymson, Lowe Healthcare
Ed Powers, Lowe Healthcare
Tony Wright, Lowe Healthcare
Christopher H. McNamara, Medi-Promotions
Kathleen Solon, Y Brand
Dr. Lawrence G. Wright, DVC Healthcare
Len Zappolo, DMW