Addressing Reimbursement During Development


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Product Description

Increasingly in the United States and in Europe, payers and stakeholders are making a more rigorous assessment of the value new pharmaceutical products bring to the table; therefore, pharmaceutical companies are under increasing pressure to demonstrate a product’s benefit to justify reimbursement.

Ensuring Market Access
Global Health Trends

Susan Capps. Executive Director, Global Pricing and Payer Planning, Amgen, a biotechnology company that discovers, develops, manufactures, and delivers innovative human therapeutics. For more information, visit
Stephanie Dyson. Senior Director, Government Affairs, Genentech, a biotechnology ­company that discovers, ­develops, manufactures and ­commercializes ­medicines to treat patients with serious or life-threatening medical conditions. For more information, visit
Timothy Fitzgerald. CEO, GfK Bridgehead, a market access consultancy serving global ­companies in the ­pharmaceutical, medical device, and ­diagnostics industries. For more ­information, visit
Jim Furniss. Director, Market Access, GfK Bridgehead, a market access consultancy serving global ­companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics industries. For more information, visit