Clinical Trial Technology Continues to Evolve


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Product Description

Ten years ago, when PharmaVOICE first started writing about clinical trial technologies, electronic data capture (EDC) was expected to be the magic bullet to address development inefficiencies. It was thought that paper would go away completely, that efficiencies and productivity would increase significantly, and pharma companies would be able to bring new drugs to market faster.
While some of the benefits of EDC have become a reality — accelerated study start up, reduced data errors, fewer queries, and faster database lock — technology adoption is lagging in other areas…

Sound Bites from the Field
Amy Furlong
is Executive VP, ­Cardiac Safety Operations, ERT, a global technology-driven provider of health outcomes research services and ­medical devices supporting biopharmaceutical sponsors and CROs. For more information, visit
Daniel O’Connor is CEO, ­InnovoCommerce LLC, which provides Microsoft SharePoint-based clinical and investigator portal solutions. For more information, visit
Rajiv Phougat is Client Technical Advisor, Life Sciences, IBM, which aims to help life-sciences organizations ­support patient-centered healthcare delivery and patient safety to drive better ­outcomes and an enhanced experience. For more information, visit or email
Rick Piazza is VP, Product ­Management, at Medidata Solutions, a global provider of SaaS clinical ­development solutions that enhance the efficiency of customers’ clinical trials. For more information, visit
George Waidell is VP, Life Sciences Practice, at IntraLinks, a provider of ­information exchange solutions. For more information, visit
Samuel Whitaker is CEO and ­Co-Founder of Greenphire, a provider of clinical payment and ­communication technology solutions. For more ­information, visit
Selected Clinical Trial Technologies

Jennifer Goldsmith
. VP, Veeva Vault, Veeva Systems, which provides cloud-based business solutions for the global ­life-sciences industry. For more ­information, visit
Tom Grundstrom. VP, Integrated Processes and Technologies, Quintiles and Global Head, Quintiles Infosario; Quintiles is a fully ­integrated biopharmaceutical ­services company offering clinical, commercial, ­consulting, and capital ­solutions worldwide. For more information, visit
David Handelsman. Senior Manager, Center for Health Analysis and Insights, SAS, a provider of ­business analytics software and services. For more information, visit
Andrea McGonigle. Managing Director, Life Sciences, ­Microsoft Corp., which provides software, services, and solutions. For more information, visit
Greg Moody. Director, Clinical ­Informatics, Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company, ­a ­biopharmaceutical company. For more information, visit
David Roberts. Director, ­Medical ­Informatics and ­Information Management, ­Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company, a biopharmaceutical company. For more information, visit
Zikria Syed. CEO, NextDocs Corp., which ­provides SharePoint-based ­compliance  solutions, including quality ­management, regulatory submission, document management, and clinical portals. For more information, visit
Mark Trombley. Business ­Solution Manager, eClinical, Roche, a research-focused life-sciences company. For more ­information, visit