Connecting with Professional and Patient Targets: Going Back to the Future with Live Telephone Interviewing


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Product Description

More than a decade ago, the Internet took the market research world by storm. Online studies offer a fast, simple, cost-effective way to reach target audiences. A wide range of factors, however, often makes healthcare projects difficult to complete using online alone:
Gatekeepers — such as office managers — filter out surveys before physicians see them or complete questionnaires themselves to claim the reward.
Many physicians and other health professionals are unlikely to join online panels. If they do, they may rush through surveys without providing the in-depth responses researchers want.
Busy schedules hamper response. Online doesn’t offer tools — such as scheduling specific interview times or calling back respondents — to help fit into hectic days.
Target groups may not be Internet savvy. Some patient populations — such as older or poorer demographics — may not have easy access to the Internet or may not be comfortable on the Web. In addition, some emerging countries, which represent high potential, still have low Internet penetration.

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