A Changing Market Environment Requires New PLM Strategies


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Product Description

In a market environment that is increasingly value-based, the industry must begin to review its product life-cycle management (PLM) strategy and prepare for more effective ways to cope with the evolving challenges when it comes to pipeline maintenance. For example, companies need to start implementing PLM earlier than ever before. Instead of approaching PLM as a solution to patent expiry, companies need to consider the complete life cycle, and view PLM as a way to best take advantage of all stages of the product.
Today, companies that don’t plan their life-cycle options early — starting at the end of Phase I/beginning of Phase II — will struggle. Our experts say starting earlier will prove to be an organizational challenge, and hence, a company’s culture will become equally important and require a new emphasis on leadership development that will create…

PLM Adoption Factors
Three PLM Trends

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