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Getting to Variable Costs: Regulated Cloud-Sourcing Emerges

It’s not yet 2012, but for budget planning it’s already here. You know this because you worked on it over your end-of-summer break. We’re guessing that you should be expecting requests for strategies and plans about how you will continue, or perhaps begin, to make costs more variable. That typically means finding ways to be more operationally flexible, without compromising results or expected deliverables.
You may be stressed in this pursuit. A variety of potential ideas have already been tried, in varying degrees and you may be experienced with many of them: streamlining…

Chuck Saldarini
, CEO of Sentrx Safety ­Solutions, is redefining the standard for safety services by putting best practices into action, developing innovative solutions founded on experience, converging science and technology with common sense, and creating a climate focused on clients. For more information, visit