Beyond Stem Cells


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Product Description

It may seem like science fiction: a trachea grown from stem cells and implanted into a human being. But it’s not; this is an actual account of the power of stem cells and regenerative medicine.
The 36-year-old patient, who had been suffering from late-stage tracheal cancer, received his new trachea in June at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. The artificial trachea was made from a spongy plastic polymer scaffold scaled to the same dimensions as the patient’s trachea and then was seeded with the stem…

Uncertain Regulatory Environment

David Green. President, Harvard ­Biosciences, which provides tools to ­advance regenerative medicine. For more information, visit
Jeffrey Janus. Director, Senior VP, ­Operations, International Stem Cell Corp., and President and CEO of Lifeline Cell Technology, which are focused on the therapeutic applications of human parthenogenetic stem cells and the development and ­commercialization of cell-based research products. For more information, visit
Sridar Natesan, Ph.D. Head of ­External Innovation and Partnering and Site Head for Cambridge, Sanofi, is a global and ­diversified healthcare company that ­discovers, develops, and distributes therapeutic ­solutions. For more information, visit
Vivek R. Shinde Patil, Ph.D. Manager of Technical ­Applications, Caliper Life Sciences, a provider of tools and services for drug discovery and life-sciences research. For more information, visit
Kelli Tanzella, Ph.D. Senior Manager ­Regulatory Affairs for the Americas, Life­ ­Technologies Corp., which manufactures ­molecular diagnostics. For more information, visit
Dean Tozer. Senior VP, ­Advanced BioHealing, which is now part of Shire, develops and commercializes living cell-based therapies that repair damaged human tissue and enable the body to heal itself. For more information, visit