Navigating the New ­Communications Landscape


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The ways patients seek and share information—both in and out of the doctor’s office—are undergoing radical change. From the rise of the Internet to the explosion of social media to the growing patient demand for active participation in treatment decisions, a multitude of forces are converging to re-shape the healthcare communications landscape. Pharmaceutical companies must understand the new communication channels and dynamics—and know how to use them effectively—to be successful in reaching and informing their patient constituencies.
To gain deeper insight into new communication patterns and trends, Survey Sampling International (SSI) and The Research Intelligence Group (TRIG) performed several recent studies. This article shares some highlights of their findings—and what they mean for…

Chris DeAngelis, Vice President,  Strategic ­Initiatives and David Kweskin, Senior Vice President, The Research Intelligence GroupFor 34 years, Survey Sampling International has been the premier global provider of sampling solutions for survey research. SSI reaches patients, caregivers, physicians and allied health professionals worldwide via online, landline telephone and mobile/wireless.   For more information, visit Mr. DeAngelis can be reached at
The Research Intelligence Group, TRiG, provides a specially selected team of U.S.-based research professionals who have a shared history of bringing their combined experience and knowledge to bear in every research engagement.
For more information, visit  Mr. Kweskin can be reached at