Managing Change in Healthcare Market Research


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After years of conservative stagnation healthcare market research is on the threshold of major and unstoppable change. How will this change impact research firms and their clients and how can it best be managed?

Change Drivers
There are two main drivers of change in the industry:
1. Technology which is giving us new data collection and analysis options
2. Knowledge, specifically about how the human mind works which is challenging our traditional ways of doing things

New Technologies are Impacting Research Logistics
The mid-1990’s saw the arrival of the World Wide Web making online surveys possible, and DTC advertising became permissible introducing the need for consumer research. This was the beginning of the change movement in healthcare research bringing with it an influx of firms and client side man…

Peter Simpson
, Principal, Segmedica Inc.
Segmedica, Inc. is a full-service healthcare market research company using advanced ­techniques for qualitative and quantitative studies.
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