Creating a Personalized Medicine Strategy


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Product Description

Considered broadly, healthcare is personal. The goal of medical practitioners has always been to get the right drug to the right person at the right time at the right dose. But now industry experts say personalized medicine is at a tipping point as a multitude of factors converge, including advances in technology, dropping price points, increased knowledge of biology and the molecular basis of disease, healthcare reform, and a shift from a volume-based business model to a value-based business model, as well as the upswing in adoption of molecular diagnostics by physicians and their acceptance by payers.
Personalized medicine is at the core of a larger trend within healthcare, which is becoming more individualized, predictive, and preventive in nature and encompasses personal health record management, disease management…

Major Trends in Personalized ­Medicine
The Personalized Medicine Landscape   

Joel Ackerman
. CEO, Champions Oncology, which is engaged in the development of advanced technology solutions to personalize the development and use of oncology drugs. For more information, visit
David de Graaf, Ph.D. President and CEO, Selventa, which analyzes molecular patient data, accelerates the development process, and clarifies decisions on therapeutics and diagnostics. For more information, visit
Alexis Kertsburg, Ph.D. President, BioPath Consulting LLC, which develops customized scientific and clinical training
solutions focused on hematology/oncology products. For more information, visit
David Manyak, Ph.D. Executive VP, Drug Discovery Services, Caliper Life Sciences, which provides technologies that enable the life-sciences industry to create life-saving and enhancing medicines and diagnostic tests. For more information, visit
Gerry McDougall. Partner of Health Sciences and Personalized Medicine Practice, PwC, which provides assurance, tax, and advisory services. For more information, visit, or e-mail
Jim Prutow. Partner, PRTM, which is a global management consulting firm. For more information, visit