mHealth: Pharma’s Next Blockbuster


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Product Description

The practice of mobile health, or mHealth as it is now known, has been around for decades. The first initiatives were designed to provide greater healthcare access to remote populations, mostly in developing countries. This trend continues and grows daily, providing many patients with a higher quality of healthcare and health education than ever before. There are now multiple science and commercial applications to mHealth, including capturing data and tracking patients during clinical trials, collecting disease information, defining patterns, and sharing research for quicker and more effective collaboration on healthcare solutions. Other mHealth solutions include health literacy initiatives, anti-counterfeit tools, and professional education.
At a commercial level, the focus has moved to more consumer-centric compliance and adherence applications. Studies prove these technologies can benefit…

Three Steps to That First Leap Into mHealth
Pharma Spending on Mobile Apps and Websites
mHealth Fast Facts
Shire: An mHealth Case Study
Physician Survey: Compliance ­Programs Attached to Treatment Sway Prescribing Choices
Medication on Schedule

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