Focus on Specialty Reps: From Information Source to Information Connector


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There is a jump in demand for data on specialty sales areas, including oncology, biopharma, and niche therapy markets. As primary care recedes in relative importance in many — though not all — companies, large-tier companies are focusing more on high-performance specialty brands. The change is not just in scale but in kind, requiring significant operational shifts with serious implications for training.
The role of the sales representative, traditionally the primary source of information for healthcare professionals, is evolving to that of information connector. In this new role, the representative becomes the key point person for accessing a much broader range of expertise than required, or even available, in the past. Training and development leadership has an opportunity to help drive this transition and shape it for…

Chris Goins
, Vice President, Management Advisor, TGaS Advisors, a division of ­KnowledgePoint360 Group
Jim Elliott, Director, Management Advisor, TGaS Advisors, a division of ­KnowledgePoint360 Group