KOL Mapping: The GPS of Thought Leader Identification


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Product Description

With all of today’s technology-driven data capture capabilities, there is a lot of thought leader information to be garnered, but all that knowledge is only as good as its relevance. KOL mapping serves as a guiding tool that cuts through the layers of information to get to what is really important for the effective marketing of a product: finding the right KOL for the job.
“There are more ways to engage through multiple channels and venues these days and more dimensions from which to gather information,” says Robin Winter-Sperry, M.D., president of Scientific Advantage. “The more data gathered, the smarter the decision-making should be. Knowledge is power, but data are useless unless the appropriate filters…

KOL Mapping to  Prioritize MSL­ ­Territories
Sound bites From the Field

Jonathan Charles Cunningham is Director at System Analytic Ltd., which helps global brand teams to identify, profile, and manage interactions with opinion ­leaders. For more information, visit
Peter J. Gotch is VP, Business ­Development and Marketing, at ­insiteresearch, a division of Advanced Health Media, which provides KOL, ­relationship ­management systems, identification, and ­influence ­mapping solutions, and more. For more information, visit or email
Paul Meade is President of Thought Leader Select, which serves the biopharmaceutical and healthcare ­industries, as well as the medical community at large, by assessing the skills and experiences of medical experts within a host of therapeutic areas. For more information visit, or email
Nick Mowat is Director of ­Clinical Expert Management Ltd., which provides systematic and ­objective analyses of the KOLs in a therapy area to gain extra insights about the ­dynamics of the therapy area using proprietary techniques. For more information, visit ­

Dave Escalante
. VP and General Manager, SK&A and OneKey, Cegedim Relationship Management, a provider of ­customer relationship management, data, regulatory compliance, and marketing ­solutions for the life-sciences industry. For more information, visit
Elio Evangelista. ­Research Director, Cutting Edge ­Information, a provider of ­implementable research and consulting to the pharmaceutical, ­biotechnology, and medical-devices ­industries. For more information, visit ­
David Fishman. President, Snowfish, a provider of insights to healthcare, life-sciences, and biotechnology companies. For more information, visit
Al Reicheg. Chief Commercial Officer, Qforma, a provider of advanced ­analytics and predictive modeling technologies for the health sciences ­industry. For more ­information, visit
Bonnie Rishell. Founder and ­President, ROI2, which offers a next-­generation ­business ­intelligence ­platform to pharma and biopharma ­companies. For more ­information, visit
Marite Talbergs. Senior VP, GfK HealthCare, a provider of integrated healthcare marketing research. For more information, visit
Robin Winter-Sperry, M.D. ­President and CEO, Scientific Advantage LLC, a ­consulting firm specializing in MSL and medical affairs, and MSL Advantage offers full-time and part-time contract solutions for medical affairs and MSLs. For more information, visit