A Decade of Change


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It has been the best of times, it has been the worst of times, to paraphrase Charles Dickens.
All in all, the decade can be defined as one of tremendous change. And one should expect the same pace of radical ups and downs during the next 10 years. As Scott Cotherman, CEO of CAHG, a healthcare agency network, says for those who are change-averse, now would be a good time to explore opportunities outside of the industry.
We are taking a look back in this special report to identify the top 10 game changers that have impacted the industry in the last 10 years. At the same time, we are uncovering what industry thought leaders believe will be the next set of factors to shift the paradigm.
Business as usual is only true if one defines usual as change. What was true yesterday may be completely…

10 Years — 10 Game Changers
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Predictions for 2011
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David Chapman
. Managing Partner, Ogilvy ­CommonHealth Worldwide, one ­of the largest healthcare ­communications networks. For more ­information, visit
Cathy Pagano. President, The Institute for ­Continuing Healthcare
Education, a provider of ­evidence-based, clinically relevant certified continuing education to physicians, nursing professionals, pharmacists, and other allied healthcare professionals. For more ­information, visit