Measuring ROI in Digital and Social: Five Metrics That Matter Now


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Every conversation about digital and social marketing should start with these six words: What do you want to accomplish? More often, those conversations start with: We need a website and an email blast.
These are tactics to check off a list — digital must-haves that support other campaigns rather than build new kinds of engagement and relationships online. One reason for this approach is that as healthcare marketers, we need metrics.   We’ve got seven, maybe 12, years to build an entire product lifecycle — often introducing not only a new treatment, but an entirely new category of treatment. Every marketing dollar needs to show results.
How to choose the right metrics for digital and social hasn’t always been clear. We’ve seen push and pull along a continuum of TV-style impressions (it’s enough that they saw it) to command and control expectations (if I say click, most of you better click). The result? Frequently, campaigns underperform when…