Marketing: What Was Old Is New Again


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Patients, ROI, an evolving landscape, and so on have been on the minds of marketers for years; but today success will lie in new solutions and approaches to overcome these chronic issues through innovative technologies and adaptive strategies.

Patients Take Center Stage

Our experts tell us that the industry is moving back to its roots as it puts the patient front and center — and this is true in marketing as well as in science. To meet the needs of the ever-savvy consumer, marketing strategies, messages, and channels will need to change to fit the…

Patients Move into Powerful Positions
mHealth By the Numbers
Marketing Mix: A BuDgetary Shift
Top Trends Impacting Marketing

Jay Bigelow. CEO, MicroMass Communications offers capabilities in the application of behavioral science to marketing challenges. For more information, visit
John Blakeley. Executive VP, Sales and Marketing, ERT, a global provider of technology and services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.  For more information, visit
Jay Bolling. President and CEO, Roska Healthcare Advertising is a full-service ­advertising agency with expertise in engaging prospects through communications that integrate data and insight-driven marketing and advertising solutions. For more information, visit
Sydney Clark. VP, Practice Leader, Commercial Effectiveness, IMS Health offers market intelligence products and services. For more information, visit, or e-mail
Nick Colucci. President and CEO, Publicis Healthcare Communications Group is a healthcare communications agency network with 40 offices around the globe. For more information, visit
Leo Francis, Ph.D. President, Publicis Medical Education Group, part of Publicis Healthcare Communications Group, is an authoritative, trusted, and provocative partner in creating in creating value in healthcare communications. For more information, visit
Jon Hudson. VP, Digital and Media Services, MedThink Communications is a healthcare agency that provides full-service offerings with a focus on scientific and promotional communications. For more information, visit
Harris Kaplan. CEO, Healogix, which provides marketing research and consulting for the pharma and biotech industries. For more information, visit
Joe Kuchta. President and CEO, GA Communication Group helps clients take full advantage of every communication channel to make every interaction with their customers as engaging and impactful as possible. For more information, visit
John Marchese. Executive VP, Director of Account Services, Sudler & Hennessey, a global healthcare marketing and communications organization. For more information, visit
Robert Previdi. President and CEO, PSKW and Associates specializes in developing loyalty marketing programs ranging from new product launch programs to patient adherence and compliance. For more information, visit
Ahnal Purohit, Ph.D. CEO and President, Purohit Navigation, a full-service, independent, integrated healthcare brand solutions company positioned. For more information, visit
John Ross. Chief Operating Officer, SDI, which is a healthcare analytics organization that provides innovation services. For more information, visit
Barry Schmader. Executive VP, Chief Creative Officer, Dudnyk is an independently owned,
multichannel branding, medical marketing and advertising agency. For more information, visit
Sanjeev Wadhwa. Partner and Director Life-Sciences R&D, CSC Life Sciences Practice provides solutions that improve the way physicians deliver services, governments manage public health, experts conduct breakthrough medical research. For more information, visit