Dr. Leon Smith — Age of Excellence


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Imagine an active and comfortable ­retirement, pursuing your hobbies at will and taking time to enjoy the golden years. Sound like fun? Not to Leon Smith, M.D., it ­doesn’t.
After almost 55 years as a practicing physician, Dr. Smith is every bit as enthralled and impassioned about being a doctor as he was as a young medical student paging himself just to hear his name on the PA system.
“I just love being a doctor, I love the challenge of solving diagnostic problems, I love tough cases — the tougher the better,” the octogenarian says. “I’m reluctant to give it up. What would I do? I can’t play golf every day.”
Not only is Dr. Smith someone who loves what he does, he is also one of the greatest authorities on infectious diseases in the world. He has made a difference in the lives of students, fellow doctors, and patients. And his influence continues to be felt through the creation of scholarships for underprivileged kids wanting to study medicine, medical education initiatives in the developing world, his diagnostic insights, and the continued treatment of…

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