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As technology and medicine have advanced over the last two decades, the strategies adopted by pharmaceutical sales and commercial models have fallen out of synch. Companies regressed from customer-focused, consultative models to a more quantitative reach and frequency approach, with a strong reliance on pitches, gifts, and free samples. This model digressed from quality of information exchanged and ushered in an era of the “UPS representative” that led to a steady decline in the value of the increasingly elusive customer interaction time.
After implementation and enforcement of strict guidelines and regulations, pharmaceutical companies scrambled for solutions, such as web-based promotions. Although promising, these types of solutions typically lack the personal, face-to-face interactions crucial to the industry.

White Paper Evolution in Action: As Markets and Medicine Evolve, Pharmaceutical Sales Models and Deployment Strategies Must Keep Up, for the Sake of Survival

Carolina Castano, MBA, Director of Marketing and Operations, BioPath Consulting
Jeff Laidlaw, M.S., Vice President, BioPath Consulting