The Future of Market Research In One Word: Change


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The resounding takeaway from the recent Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group’s annual conference in April was that change, and in some cases revolutionary change, will be necessary to address current and future market conditions.
One of the keynote sessions, “CEO Reflections on a Tumultuous Year and Predictions for an Uncertain Future,” which was moderated by Brian Cain, VP of global customer insights, at Merck & Co., addressed the strategies companies will need to adopt to navigate the shifting market research landscape.
Panelists Lynnette Cooke, global CEO of Kantar Health, Harris Kaplan, founder and CEO of Healogix, Jim Kirk, practice leader of Quintiles, and Richard Vanderveer, Ph.D., CEO of GfK Healthcare, provided their predictions on what market research and healthcare will look like in the coming year. (To view the video of this session, go to
According to Dr. Vanderveer, change is both necessary and possible in the industry, and everybody needs to start to think about how…


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Gary Halpern, R.Ph., Principal and Executive VP, SBR Inc.
Harris Kaplan, CEO, Healogix
Harriet Kozak, U.S. President, The Research Partnership
Jeff Kozloff, President and CEO of Verilogue
Rob Ramirez, VP, Ipsos Health
Jeff Shelton, President, Answers & Insights Market Research Inc.
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