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We’ve probably all been hospitalized at one time in our lives, and during whatever span of time we had to spend there, we probably experienced one or two moments of concern when we were repeatedly asked the same questions by a variety of well-meaning practitioners. Several times during my own recent stay in the emergency room, I wanted to ask: “Are you guys talking to each other?”
There was also quite a bit of confusion. Despite the fact that the shin bone is connected to the knee bone, and so on, I’m still not sure why the date of my childhood tonsillectomy was significant to an MRI on my shoulder.
Now imagine these scenarios expanding over months of care — maybe even for the rest of your life — when suffering from a chronic disease or a disabling injury. Most of us in the industry have more than a working knowledge of the healthcare system and we can even be overwhelmed by the paperwork, confusing forms, etc. Imagine the stress and difficulty faced by those…