Brand Management: Using Market Research To Master Multichannel Challenges


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It’s a noisy, cluttered, and competitive market out there, with consumers receiving more messages from more channels — so how can a brand stand out? Everyone knows the right-right–right rule (right message at the right time to the right target), but in today’s environment, every moment represents a new channel opportunity for reaching a fractionated audience.
The first step is to perfect market research, our experts say. Advancements in technology and research methodology are enabling unprecedented access to the most valuable insights.
For a brand to stand out amid the noise and resonate with information-hungry audiences, marketers need to have a deeper understanding of the target audiences than ever before, says Reid Connolly, president of Evoke Interaction.
Jamie Peck, managing partner at Rosetta, agrees that the most effective type of market research is the one that will help marketers to really…

Sound Bites From The Field

Kelly Andrews is Director, Strategic Planning, of MicroMass ­Communications Inc., a behavioral, science-based marketing organization that provides communication strategies and solutions for the healthcare industry. For more information, visit or e-mail
Michael Byrnes is VP, RxEdge, a business unit of LeveragePoint Media, which provides a broad array of consumer and patient-directed marketing solutions delivered through retail pharmacies. For more information, visit
George Fencl is Strategic Services Director, CRM Strategy, at HealthEd, which uses deep ­knowledge about patients to unlock the fullest potential of healthcare. For more ­information, visit
Kristen Goelz is VP, ­Co-Director of Interactive Media at Flashlight ­Interactive, a division of the medical-marketing agency Flashpoint ­Medica. For more ­information, visit or e-mail
Joseph E. Kuchta is ­President and CEO of G&A Healthcare Communication, an independent, full-service agency specializing in healthcare across all ­audiences. For more information, visit or e-mail

Experts on this topic
Shelagh Brooke. Executive VP, Chief Strategic Officer, EvoLogue, part of ­CommonHealth, a full-service consumer marketing agency. For more information, visit
Reid Connolly. President, Evoke ­Interaction, a full-service interactive agency. For more information, visit ­
Bob Mason. Executive VP, Managing ­Director of Brand Strategy, Palio, a full-­spectrum advertising and marketing firm serving primarily the pharma ­industry. For more information, visit
Barclay Missen. Director of Digital ­Communication, Topin & Associates, a healthcare communications agency that specializes in strategic marketing for healthcare, medical, and pharmaceutical clients. For more information, visit or e-mail
Peter H. Nalen. President and CEO, ­Compass Healthcare Communications, a full-service online marketing agency ­exclusively supporting brands in the ­pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical-device industries. For more ­information, visit
Jamie Peck. Managing Partner, Rosetta, an independent digital marketing agency. For more information, visit
Mark Perlotto. Executive VP, Managing Director, Adair Greene McCann, a full-service healthcare communications ­agency. For more information, visit ­ or e-mail ­
Frank Powers. President, Dudnyk, a full-service multichannel marketing, communications, and branding agency for the healthcare industry. For more information, visit, e-mail, or twitter @fxpowers2.
Anshal Purohit. VP, Strategic ­Development, Purohit Navigation, an ­independent, full-service brand solutions company that navigates the full potential of small- to midsized specialty brands. For more information, visit ­
Stephen Wray. President and CEO, ­Cadient Group, an interactive marketing services and solutions provider focused on the healthcare industry. For more ­information, visit