A 360-Degree View of E-Patient Connections


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Product Description

Healthcare information technology has created the platform for the exchange, collection, and documentation of health data and information, but it is up to the crucial players — patients, physicians, pharma companies, and service providers — to make e-connections work. The patient, the physician, and the industry all have crucial roles in building relationships with each other, relationships that provide value and improve health outcomes. Our experts on this topic believe that if all stakeholders do their part, e-connections can enhance the management of health, improve the healthcare system, and subsequently yield better health outcomes for patients.

Participatory Medicine
Patients are turning in droves to branded and unbranded Web sites to learn more about a condition or to manage their health. Sites such as CML Earth created by Novartis, Changing Diabetes created by Novo Nordisk, and Facebook accounts developed by McNeil Pediatrics ADHD Moms and ADHD Allies allow patients to participate in their own healthcare. (A more detailed list of sites is available via the digital edition.) This type of engagement is called participatory medicine by the Society for Participatory Medicine, a new group that provides a blog ( and a journal (Journal of Participatory Medicine), both of which aim to bring e-patients and healthcare providers together. Dave deBronkart, software marketer at TimeTrade Appointment Systems and co-chair of the…

Making a Case for E-Patient Interactions
Social Media at Work
Top 20 Health Information Web Sites

Experts on this topic
Bonnie Brescia. Founding Principal, BBK Worldwide and TCN e-Systems LLC, a patient recruitment and e-business solution company for the clinical R&D and product marketing segments of the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical-device industries. For more ­information, visit
Scott Connor. VP, Marketing, Acurian, a full-service provider of clinical trial patient recruitment and retention solutions for the life-sciences industry. For more information visit, or e-mail
Dave de Bronkart. Healthcare blogger “e-Patient Dave,” author for, Co-chair, Society for Participatory Medicine, and software marketer, TimeTrade ­Appointment Systems. For more information, visit, or, or
Susan Dorfman. Global VP, Marketing, Product Strategy, and Alliances, Skila, a provider of knowledge-driven management solutions for the pharma industry. For more information, visit
Bill Fox. Executive Director, The National ­Center for Patient Interactive Research, a group ­dedicated to bringing power to the patient through innovative health information ­technology. For more information, visit
Tricia Geoghegan. Communications Lead, Neurology & ADHD, McNeil Pediatrics, a leader in the treatment of attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). For more ­information, visit
Jeff Greene. Director of Strategic Services, Social Media, HealthEd, which uses deep knowledge about patients to unlock the fullest potential of healthcare, turning ­education into performance. For more ­information, visit
Naomi Grobstein, M.D. Family Health ­Center of Montclair, a New Jersey-based family practice dedicated to providing personal and convenient service. For more information, visit
Jeff Kozloff. Co-founder, President, and CEO, Verilogue, which uses ­technology to capture and analyze live, in-office physician-patient ­dialogue used by the healthcare industry to further enhance its understanding of the numerous diseases that face society today. For more information, visit
Kevin Kruse. Founder and President, Kru Research, a global think tank that teaches life-science marketers how to use social and e-media to connect with empowered, digital patients. For more information, visit, or e-mail
Deborah Schnell. President, Sales and Strategic Planning, Healthy Advice Networks, which provides trusted, relevant, and easy-to-understand health information to consumers and healthcare professionals when and where they need it, while delivering meaningful results to its partners. For more information, visit
Stanley Wulf, M.D. VP and Chief Medical Officer, InfoMedics, a pharmaceutical services provider that delivers clear, actionable patient feedback to physicians about their patients’ treatment experience. For more information, visit