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Too often branding is mistaken for an advertising campaign, when in reality branding should be viewed as creating a lasting bond with customers. A pharmaceutical brand is more than a type face, a color, or even an icon — a brand is the emotional and rational promise that a product holds for all stakeholders. By delivering, over time, across all media, a consistent message, pharmaceutical ­companies and their partners can ensure brand-building success.

The role of the brand champion is being played by branding companies, advertising agencies, by the ­companies that are in charge of producing materials and giving strategic advice to ­pharmaceutical ­companies. There are few companies that have a brand champion.

Dos and Don’ts for Building Standout Brands
Best Practices for Branding Success

The Brand Stewards …
Gina Ashe. VP, Marketing, InfoMedics Inc., Woburn, Mass.; InfoMedics is the worldwide developer of Brand Experience data, real-world medication feedback, and outcomes information gathered from physician’s own patients — data that impacts physician prescribing decisions, deepens product awareness, and fuels product sales
David Chapman. President, Thomas Ferguson Associates, Parsippany, N.J.; Thomas Ferguson is CommonHealth’s founding advertising agency and a pioneer in the pharmaceutical and healthcare advertising industry
Mary Cobb. President, Pace Inc., a Lowe Healthcare Co., Parsippany, N.J.; Pace is a full-service healthcare communications agency
David W. Cunningham. President and CEO, TrialCard Inc., Raleigh, N.C.; TrialCard provides an innovative system to pharmaceutical manufacturers allowing delivery of samples via credit-card technology
Ken DeLor. President, The DeLor Group, Louisville, Ky.; The DeLor Group offers a complete range of integrated brand services, from developing brand positioning strategy to creating distinct brand identities and delivering a comprehensive package of brand communications
Susan Miller. Partner, The CementWorks, New York; CementWorks is a full-service healthcare advertising agency that applies the basic principles of branding to a primed healthcare industry
Vince Parry. President, Y, New York; Y, a division of inChord Communications Inc., is a specialized consulting group providing fundamentally inspired branding solutions for products, product science, technologies, therapeutic franchises, and corporations
Charlene Prounis. Managing Partner, Advertising, Accel Healthcare Communications, New York; Accel Healthcare is a full-service healthcare advertising agency
David Stern. Director of Reproductive Marketing, Organon USA, West Orange, N.J.; Organon Inc. USA is the U.S. affiliate of N.V. Organon, an international ethical pharmaceutical company that maintains a commitment to women’s healthcare
Stephen Wray. President and CEO, Bates Healthworld, New York; Bates Healthworld is an international communications
organization specializing in healthcare with a comprehensive range of integrated strategic marketing services designed to accelerate the acceptance of new products and to sustain their growth
Matthew Zinman, APR. President, Z Communication, Newtown, Pa.; Z Communication is a network-based, full-service marketing and corporate communication firm