Dr. Alan E. Guttmacher — In the genes


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One might conclude that Dr. Guttmacher’s penchant for medicine was genetically pre-determined — both of his parents are physicians, as are his siblings, and the uncle for whom he is named. The irony of his eventual career choice is not lost on Dr. Guttmacher, who explored a variety of interwoven paths before becoming a renowned geneticist and physician.
“When I entered college I thought I was going to be a criminologist, I was very interested in social psychology and social relations,” he recalls. “I even did an internship at a local correctional facility. For various reasons, however, I decided that was really not what I wanted to do with my life.”
After graduating with a degree in social relations, Dr. Guttmacher pursued a number of avenues, including politics, working on a farm, and teaching middle school for a couple of years. Teaching caught his interest, and eventually became one of his life’s passions — a pursuit he holds dear to this day. Teaching also helped form the framework for his future…

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