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Catchy, creative, and memorable are three words to describe this month’s selection of standout creative executions. Two of the ad campaigns, Viagra and Glucotrol XL, were executed by Cline, Davis & Mann on behalf of client Pfizer Inc. The first of the ads was created for the launch of Viagra. The creative team positioned the new product through warm imagery and good copy that told a compelling story simply and authentically. The Glucotrol XL series of ads use clever, punchy, one-word and two-word headlines to create an emotional connection with the customer. Bozell Advertising’s creative execution on behalf of the Milk Processor Education Program has become a lasting, and memorable campaign, it too uses two simple words — Got milk? — this is a synergy of advertising, promotion, and education at its best.

Contributed by,  Gordon Torp and Michelle Moss, Creative Directors at HealthEd, The Patient Education Agency, located in Westfield, N.J., Bozell Advertising’s Got Milk campaign is a synergy of advertising, promotion, and education at its best — creative, relevant, memorable, and actionable. And it all started with two little words. Got it?

The explosion of DTC advertising has inundated consumers with healthcare information. But there’s a big difference between merely informing versus truly educating someone in a memorable, actionable manner. That’s why we were drawn to these new ads…

Contributed by, Barbara Lehman, CEO, of alpernLehman, an ad agency located in Scottsdale, Ariz., this series of ads for Viagra captures the heart and spirit of the product without revealing the obvious.

The launch campaign for Viagra is one campaign that I really appreciated. The execution, Take the First Step, was one of the most compelling stories, portrayed simply and authentically. It depicted two middle-aged people, farmers or ranchers, who definitely weren’t part of the “beautiful people” crowd. They represented “just plain folks,” who…

Glucotrol XL

Contributed by, Michael Sanzen, senior VP, creative director, at Cement Works, a New York-based healthcare advertising agency, this campaign for Glucotrol XL creates an emotional connection between the brand and the customer.

When ads like these make the books, the agency and the client deserve real credit. More often than not, folks in our industry settle for the familiar (and often mediocre) rather than stick out their neck…