Thought-Full Relationships


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Product Description

In the drive for market success, top companies are harnessing and capitalizing on knowledge “owned” by specialists, often referred to as thought leaders. According to Best Practices Inc., Pfizer successfully employed thought-leader endorsements by consulting the Vatican when releasing Viagra and letting physicians review direct-to-consumer advertising before launching the campaign. Thought-leader relationship management is a critical piece of the evolving pharmaceutical sales process, as experts play a significant role in successful product launches and life-cycle management.
Companies most effective at optimizing thought-leader initiatives, according to Best Practices, create a surge of influence and market-focused attention before, during, and after product launch. These thought leaders can add tremendous value to the product, ensure market success, rapid uptake, and extend the product’s life cycle.
“Thought leaders are used effectively to educate their colleagues about the epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of disease,” says Neil W. Matheson, president and CEO of ApotheCom Associates LLC. “They also are used to present preclinical and clinical data on new drugs and to ensure that those data are clearly understood. Thought leaders must be able to field difficult questions, provide thoughtful and convincing answers, and they must be able to speak from…

Thought-Leaders Tied to Successful Global Launches

Experts on this topic
Barbara Blasso. President, ­International Meetings & Science (IMsci), Stamford, Conn.; IMsci is a full-service ­medical education and communications company with core competencies in ­market conditioning, including thought-leader advocacy development and ­mobilization, and is a division of Grey Healthcare Group
Marcia Bryan. Principal and Managing Partner, Bryan & Klein LLC, Leawood, Kan.; Bryan & Klein provides ethically grounded and creatively formulated ­market development strategies to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries
Michael Caso. President, Nexus ­Communications Inc., North Wales, Pa.; Nexus seeks to optimize the vital connection between the marketing of science and the science of marketing, thereby offering creative solutions to product life-cycle management challenges, including thought-leader development, publication planning, and medical education
Michael R. Curry. President, The Curry Rockefeller Group LLC, Tarrytown, N.Y.; Curry Rockefeller delivers thought-leader focused medical education to the ­healthcare industry
Diane Hayes, Ph.D. Senior VP of Content, Editor in Chief, MedPanel Inc., Cambridge, Mass.; MedPanel provides market ­intelligence and communications for the pharmaceutical, biomedical, and medical-device industries.
Neil W. Matheson. President and CEO, ApotheCom Associates LLC, Yardley, Pa.; ApotheCom Associates provides integrated pharmaceutical services based on high ­science and sound principles of medical education and adult learning while utilizing technology and electronic media to deliver programs that enhance the way in which medicine is practiced
Richard T. Minoff. President of Dorland Pharma, Philadelphia; Dorland Pharma is a unit of Dorland Global Health ­Communications, a healthcare ad agency
Julia Ralston, R.Ph. President, DVC Healthcare Communications, Yardley, Pa.; DVC Healthcare focuses on blending science with ­marketing to provide a comprehensive suite of communications and marketing solutions targeted at healthcare ­professionals, and is a division of DVC Worldwide
Charles A. Rockefeller. CEO, The Curry Rockefeller Group LLC, Tarrytown, N.Y.; Curry Rockefeller delivers thought-leader focused medical education to the healthcare industry
David Wang. Senior Manager, Best ­Practices LLC, Chapel Hill, N.C.; Best ­Practices offers extensive experience in the application of continuous-improvement and best-practice benchmarking strategies