Talent Pool


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Product Description

Pharma POOL
Dr. Jack Goldstein, Chiron Corp.
Robert Paarlberg, UCB Pharma

Biotech POOL
Mark P. Mellin
, Ilex Oncology Inc.
W. Thomas Mitchell, Genencor International Inc.
Dr. Louis Vaickus, TolerRx Inc.
Dr. Brian P. Zambrowicz, Lexicon Genetics Inc.

Specialty POOL
Robert Breuil,
Aerogen Inc.
Nancy Isaac, Aerogen Inc.
Dr. Stacy Castner, Miicro Inc.
Dr. Douglas Gelowitz, Miicro Inc.
Dr. Graham Williams, Miicro Inc.
Dr. Eric J. Dadey, Atrix Laboratories Inc.
A. Brian Davis, Neose Technologies Inc.
Dr. Marjorie Hurley, Neose Technologies Inc.
Robert I. Kriebel, Neose Technologies Inc.
Debra J. Poul, Neose Technologies Inc.
Dr. Gary Madsen, EraGen Biosciences
Samraat S. Raha, EraGen Biosciences
Dr. Rajesh C. Shrotriya, NeoTherapeutics Inc.
Dr. Roger G. Stoll, Cortex Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Daniel G. Welch, Triangle Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Nicole S. Williams, American Pharmaceutical Partners Inc.

Emerging POOL
Dr. Delia Bethell
, Ventria Bioscience
Timothy Noyes, Essential Therapeutics Inc.
Dr. Robert A. D. Scott, AtheroGenics Inc.

Service/Supplier POOL
Lori Blades,
David E. Garets, Healthlink
Rick Ratliff, Healthlink
Jeffrey Burgdoerfer, Healthcare Products Information Services
Gene Carbine, Database Network Associates
Michael A. Caso, Nexus Communications Inc.
Karen M. Overstreet, Nexus Communications Inc.
John Dawley, Taratec
James J. Dibrino, Integrated Clinical Data
Craig D. Hollingsworth, TrialCard Inc.
Debra Smith, ClinPhone Inc.
Mona Cross Sowiski, Pharsight Corp.

Investment POOL
John L. Haag
, Burrill & Co.

Media POOL
Terrence Fagan,
Thomson Physicians World
Andrew Gannon, Thomson Physicians World
Donna Hilton, Thomson Physicians World
Joan McClusky, Thomson Physicians World
Lori O’Neill, Thomson Physicians World
Genny Schendl, Thomson Physicians World
Tamara Schiller, Thomson Physicians World
Laurie Scott, Thomson Physicians World
Sandra Stosius, Thomson Physicians World
Charlton Thompson, Thomson Physicians World

Agency POOL
Mario Amici, Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association
David Bowers, Gerbig, Snell/Weis­heimer
Angela Cua, Gerbig, Snell/Weis­heimer
Bruce Rooke,
Gerbig, Snell/Weis­heimer
Norm Senhauser,
Gerbig, Snell/Weis­heimer
Jo Ann Campbell, CommonHealth
Stuart Klein, CommonHealth
Bruce Medd, CommonHealth
Johanna Osborne,
Janine Wentz,
Judy capano, Wishbone
Adrienne Gawlowski, Topin & Associates
Buffy Hamilton, Topin & Associates
Charlie Newman,
Topin & Associates
Michelle Rigot, Topin & Associates
George Carteris, Catalyst Communications Inc.
Todd Courcy, HealthEd
Jenifer Silver Madison, HealthEd
Michele Moss, HealthEd
Gordon Torp, HealthEd
Joseph Walker,
Jim Foreman, Ted Thomas Associates
Tim Garde, Ted Thomas Associates
Dawn Panzeca, RTC Relationship Marketing