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This month’s selections of creative healthcare executions are good examples of how innovative and solid branding can make the product memorable to its audience, whether that audience is consumer or physician based.
The Tylenol series of advertisements, developed by Ginko Saatchi & Saatchi use humor to convey the message of headache relief. These ads were found to be “wickedly topical,” thus making them memorable to the public.
The Celebrex campaign, developed by Leo Burnett  Chicago, is equally memorable but for other reasons. By using the root “cele” from celecoxib, the active compound in Celebrex, co-marketers Pharmacia and Pfizer have created a memorable brand name and the foundation for the ad campaign. They created a name that is easily recognizable by physicians and a catchy execution that appeals to patients who suffer from osteoarthritis, adult rheumatoid arthritis, acute pain, and primary dysmenorrhea.

Contributed by Shirin Bridges, Creative Director at Lena Chow Euro RSCG, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based healthcare advertising agency, this campaign for Tylenol uses humor to its fullest, conveying the
message in a topical and memorable way.

There are many times in healthcare advertising when humor is not appropriate, but for every ad that misuses humor there are hundreds of others that have wasted the opportunity to elicit a ­chuckle or to add a touch of irony. Humor is one of the most underutilized tools…

Contributed by Mark Skoultchi, Managing Director of Cambridge, Mass.-based Catchword Branding, a brand-name development firm that works with small and large pharmaceutical companies, this ad ­campaign for Celebrex is an ideal example of good brand marketing.

I don’t know who has better cause to ­celebrate: the patients who take Celebrex; the physicians who prescribe the drug; or the product managers at Pharmacia/Pfizer responsible for the simple, yet emotive…