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    The first influenza pandemic of the 21st century is under way. H1N1 influenza A has affected more than 207 countries and overseas territories worldwide, according the World Health Organization. As of the end of November 2009, 622,482 cases have been reported, including more than 7,820 deaths. In April 2009, the WHO declared the virus a “public health emergency of international concern” after countries around the world began reporting deaths from the combination of pig, human, and bird viruses.
    In the United States, 29,348 people had been hospitalized through Nov. 30, 2009, because of H1N1, and 1,224 people have died as a result, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    Vaccines play a vital role in helping public health officials address such pandemics. In fact, public health officials need the manufacturers as much as vaccine manufacturers need…

20th Century Flu Pandemics

Experts on this Topic
Daniel D. Adams. President and CEO, ­Protein Sciences Corp., which develops and commercializes vaccines and biopharmaceuticals using its patented ­manufacturing platform. For more ­information, visit
Debra Drane. Senior VP, R&D, CSL ­Biotherapies, a leading manufacturer of influenza vaccines. For more information, visit
Tony Estrella. Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder HealthiNation, which ­produces health video programs that cover disease and condition education, along with patient ­stories, health tips, original series, and healthy lifestyle programs. For more ­information, visit
Geert Kersten. CEO, Cel-Sci Corp., which is dedicated to improving the treatment of cancer and other diseases by unleashing the power of the immune system. For more information, visit
Peter Lammers. VP, Vaccines, GlaxoSmithKline, a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare company. For more ­information, visit
Terri Madison, Ph.D., MPH. President, i3 Drug Safety, which provides the data and services to help meet safety surveillance and support risk management programs. For more information, visit
Dave Peralta. VP, Chief Operating and Chief Financial Officer, NanoBio Corp., a ­biopharmaceutical company developing dermatological products, anti-infective ­treatments, and intranasal vaccines derived from its patented NanoStat ­technology. For more information, visit