Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Under Scrutiny


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Across the board — from labeling and marketing, to clinical trials, to manufacturing processes — regulators are becoming more active in safeguarding the public and ensuring the safety of pharmaceuticals.
Even before the news broke regarding Genzyme Corp.’s recent virus and contamination problems (bits of steel, rubber, and fiber were found in drugs made by the company and shipped from the same site), the Food and Drug Administration had been increasing its presence in inspecting manufacturing facilities and ensuring companies are GMP compliant and meeting SOPs. In the case of Genzyme, Federal regulators also warned doctors about possible foreign particles in five Genzyme drugs used to treat rare genetic disorders, including two — Cerezyme and Fabrazyme — that have been rationed because of the viral contamination detected in the company’s Allston Landing plant last summer. The five drugs…

About GMP
Top Findings from Inspections

The top observations from manufacturing inspections from 2000 through Nov. 29, 2009

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