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Making a Case for Quality Improvement Systems

Recognizing that there often are gaps between the expected and actual use of marketing materials in the field and the impact this can have on a company to meet its objectives, an executive at Fujisawa Healthcare sets out to solve this problem.
Marketing groups at pharmaceutical companies rarely collect rigorous, field-based data from the managers and sales reps regarding the marketing materials they use. In most cases, this component of the larger sales and marketing system is entirely overlooked.
When Jerry Olszewski, senior director of marketing, hospital products, at Fujisawa Healthcare Inc., wanted to evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing materials that were being developed for, and used by, the company’s hospital products salesforce, he and Jim Grossmann, VP at Williams-Labadie LLC, the company’ s agency of record, collaborated with DLS Group Inc., a consulting firm, to design, create, and implement a Quality Improvement System (QIS).
“A question that frequently arises for product managers is whether the right materials are being developed for the salesforce and whether those materials are providing value for our sales reps,” Mr. Olszewski says. ” It doesn’t make sense for us to spend money and resources developing things that don’t work and that the representatives won’t use…

The Process: Step by Step

Experts on this Topic
Jerry Olszewski, Senior Director of Marketing Hospital Products, Fujisawa Healthcare Inc.
Jim Grossmann, VP, Williams-Labadie LLC
Deborah Stone, CPT, CEO of DLS Group
Dr. Steve Villachica, Ph.D., CPT, Chief Learning Officer, DLS Group