R&D Business Models


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Product Description

Companies throughout the industry are experimenting with new models designed to tackle the pipeline productivity challenge.

Pharmaceutical research and development is facing many pressures, from decreased productivity to the impact of the economy to changing technology to an increasingly global environment.
Companies are looking for solutions, but industry experts say the answer may lie in the R&D business model. A report by PricewaterhouseCoopers released earlier this year predicts that by 2020 the old business model — where companies employ a strategy of placing big bets on a few molecules — will no longer meet the market’s needs.
The industry, PricewaterhouseCoopers’ experts say, is undergoing a period of disruptive innovation.
Companies will need to join forces with a wide range of organizations, from academic institutions, hospitals, and technology providers to companies offering compliance programs, nutritional advice, stress management, physiotherapy, exercise facilities, health screening, and other such services.

Digital Exclusive Partnerships Key To Improving Global R&D Model
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Offshoring Trends
Clinical Approval Success Rates by Therapeutic Class 1993-2004
FDA Ratings of Therapeutic ­Significance for Follow-on Drugs Approved in the U.S., 1960–2007
How to Evaluate a CRO
Sound Bites From The Field

Jesse Bowden is President of Imaging Services at Biomedical Systems
Alistair Macdonald is Executive VP, Global Services, at INC Research
Joseph Pieroni is President and CEO, Daiichi Sankyo Inc
Chris Bode, Ph.D., is VP Corporate Development at Absorption Systems LP,
Tony Chant is Managing Director of Eurocom Healthcare Communications
Robert Dickinson is Client Service Officer of the Life Sciences Practice at Grail Research
Sylvia Miriyam Findlay is Programme Leader, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology, Healthcare, Europe, at Frost & Sullivan
Michael J. Harte is Founder and President of the Harte Group
A. Shabeer Hussain is ­Programme Leader, ­Pharmaceutical and ­Biotechnology, Healthcare, EIA, at Frost & Sullivan
Jan-Anders Karlsson, Ph.D., is CEO of S*BIO Pte Ltd
Nicholas Landekic is President and CEO of PolyMedix Inc
John MacPhee is President of Strativa ­Pharmaceuticals, the proprietary products division of Par Pharmaceutical Inc.
Ken Ribotsky is President and CEO of The Core Nation Inc
Nagaraja Srivatsan is Head of Life Sciences, North America, at Cognizant Technology Solutions
Jason Stowe is CEO of Cycle Computing
Daniel Zurr, Ph.D. is CEO and President, Quark ­Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Experts on this topic
Robert Baltera. CEO, Amira ­Pharmaceuticals Inc., a small-molecule ­pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and early development of new drugs to treat inflammatory disease. For more ­information, visit
Stephen Cutler, Ph.D. Senior VP and Chief ­Operating Officer, Kendle, a global ­clinical research organization providing a full range of early- to late-stage clinical development services. For more information, visit
Karen Ferrante, M.D. Senior VP, Clinical, Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company, a biopharmaceutical company. For more information, visit
Astrid Frank. General Manager, Fisher Clinical Services, Basel, Switzerland, facility, which offers services to support the ­continuum of supply chain needs within a clinical trial setting. For more information, visit
Glen Giovannetti. Global Biotechnology Leader, Ernst & Young, a global provider of assurance, tax, transaction, and advisory ­services. For more ­information, visit
Glenn Gormley, M.D., Ph.D. President, Daiichi Sankyo Pharma Development, the product ­development arm of Daiichi Sankyo Inc., which is engaged in clinical development, translational medicine and clinical pharmacology, ­regulatory affairs and risk management, ­informatics ­biostatistics and data operations, and ­development research. For more information, visit
Laurie Halloran. President and CEO of Halloran Consulting Group, a life-sciences consulting firm specializing in enhancing the development process for biopharmaceutical and medical-device companies. For more information, visit
John M. Hudak. President and Founder, ­Criterium Inc., a global, full-service, and ­technology-driven CRO. For more information, visit ­
Jason Hwang, M.D. Executive Director, Healthcare, Innosight Institute, a nonprofit think tank. For more information, visit
Jan-Anders Karlsson, Ph.D. CEO, S*BIO Pte Ltd., which is focused on the discovery and clinical development of novel targeted small-molecule drugs for the treatment of cancer. For more information, visit
Carolyn Buck Luce. Global Pharmaceutical Leader, Ernst & Young, a global provider of ­assurance, tax, transaction, and advisory ­services. For more information, visit
John Potthoff, Ph.D. Chief Operating Officer, INC Research, a therapeutically focused global CRO. For more information, visit
Sanjay Parikh, Ph.D. Director, Indegene, a provider of transformational services including scientific content, creative services, and business intelligence solutions. For more information, visit
James R. Weston. Senior VP, Talaris ­Advisors LLC, which provides solutions for drug, diagnostic, and device development worldwide. For more ­information, visit ­ or e-mail
Steve Worland. President and CEO, Anadys Pharmaceuticals, a ­biopharmaceutical company dedicated to improving patient care by ­developing novel medicines for the treatment of ­hepatitis C. For more information, visit ­