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These statistics drive home the importance of customer relationship management — a business philosophy that allows companies to enhance relationships with their customers by understanding and responding to their needs. CRM is a horizontal strategy that lies across every single sub-process, or silo, throughout the enterprise. Only by retaining customers and increasing loyalty can a business meet its goals.
While CRM is driven by technology, it is not an IT strategy but a business strategy that requires process change. According to Harte-Hanks, CRM involves capturing customer data from across the enterprise, consolidating all internally and externally acquired customer-related data in a central database, analyzing consolidated data, distributing the results throughout the enterprise, and then using this data when dealing with customers via any “touch point” in a way that provides value. CRM requires the capture of data within all channels and with all stakeholders, including but not limited to healthcare professionals, patients, medical researchers, wholesalers, pharmacists, payers — virtually anyone involved in the process. At its very core, adopting a CRM philosophy mandates that a company shift all thinking and processes to transform itself from product…

Going Horizontal in a Vertical Market
CRM — How Does Your Company Rate?

The Touch Points …
Guy Amato. Senior VP, Sales and Marketing, Access Worldwide, Boca Raton, Fla.; Access ­Worldwide provides a variety of sales, marketing, and education services to physicians, pharmacists, and patients on behalf of pharmaceutical clients, educating them on new drugs, prescribing ­indications, medical procedures, and disease-management programs; the company’s services include product stocking, database management, and teleservices
Nancy Barlow. President, The Xchange Group, Parsippany, N.J.; The Xchange Group, the relationship marketing division of CommonHealth, specializes in designing and implementing consumer and professional ­relationship-building initiatives for the ­healthcare industry
Nailesh A. Bhatt. Managing Director, Proximare Inc., Franklin Park, N.J.; Proximare is a strategy and management consulting firm that exclusively serves the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical ­products, and related industries on issues related to sales, marketing, technology, licensing, and R&D
Chris Bogan. President and CEO, Best Practices LLC, Chapel Hill, N.C.; Best Practices conducts work based on the principle that organizations can chart a course to superior economic performance by studying the best business practices, operating tactics, and winning strategies of world-class ­companies
Jim Cain. Senior VP, global marketing and ­customer development, Synavant Inc., Atlanta; Synavant guides biopharmaceutical and ­healthcare companies globally to greater ­business success by accelerating the adoption of advances in healthcare around the world by designing, building, and supporting a wide range of knowledge-based solution sets, that bring together leading-edge technology, proven ­
data-management competence, a full range of specialist services, and more than 30 years of healthcare expertise
Becky Chidester. CEO, RTC Relationship ­Marketing, Washington, D.C.; RTC Relationship Marketing is a marketing communications firm that creates and executes complex relationship marketing programs that typically require most or all of the following RTC disciplines: account management, creative, marketing information and analysis, production, interactive, and teleservices; RTC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the WPP Group Plc. along with sister agency and healthcare specialist, Sudler & Hennessey
David W. Hanaman. Executive VP and Co-Founder, C3i Inc., Morristown, N.J.; C3i, the market leader in customer relationship management services for the life-sciences industry; in partnership with Siebel Systems, the global leader in CRM application software, C3i delivers 100% of the services a pharmaceutical company requires to deploy and manage its CRM solution
Fred Litzky. President, Database Network ­Associates, Oakland, N.J.; Database Network ­Associates provides pharmaceutical and healthcare marketers with the most complete and accurate mailing lists, e-mail lists, and enhancement data to develop and manage ­one-to-one relationships with physicians, patients, and consumers
Gerry McGoldrick. VP, Media Services, Insight Interactive Group, Philadelphia; Insight Interactive is an interactive marketing agency that focuses on strategically creating valuable relationships between brands and customers and provides professional services to help clients create, ­implement, and promote interactive strategy for the Internet and other interactive media
Julian M. Parreño. Senior VP, Sales and ­Marketing, Pharmaceuticals, Harte-Hanks Inc., San Antonio, Texas; Harte-Hanks is a worldwide ­marketing company that provides end-to-end CRM and related solutions for businesses and organizations in both consumer and business-to-business markets across North America, Europe, South America, and the Pacific Rim
Rob Rebak. President, SimStar Internet Solutions, Princeton, N.J.; SimStar maximizes opportunities for the discipline of ­pharmaceutical e-marketing
Paul Rodwick. VP of Market Development and Strategy, E.piphany, San Mateo, Calif.; E.piphany is the leading provider of intelligent software for the customer economy, providing CRM solutions
Rick Rose. VP, Corporate Sales and Marketing, Dendrite, Morristown, N.J.; Dendrite is a ­world­wide leader in salesforce effectiveness, CRM, analytical, clinical trial, and eLearning solutions for the global pharmaceutical industry
Lorine Sweeney. CEO and President, Quovadx Inc., Englewood, Colo.; Quovadx provides end-to-end business infrastructure and ­integration solutions