Swimming the Channels


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VIEW on Multichannel Communications

Think back 15 years and consider how much simpler the role of marketing a brand was. There were a few solid, inescapable channels to choose from to reach an audience. Printed materials, such as direct mail and collateral, were a mainstay of many marketing efforts; television or radio provided a more immediate, wide-reaching outlet; and traditional advertising in periodicals always loomed large in any marketing mix.
For the pharmaceutical brand manager, recent technological and industry events have conspired to make the job of marketing brands much more difficult. The rise of the Internet coincided with the explosion in direct-to-consumer advertising. Instead of sending a generic postcard or printing an ad, a pharmaceutical company now can create an e-mail campaign or develop a targeted Website for a brand — with the option of targeting…

Creating an Integrated Program
To Print or Not to Print: The Reality of Multiple Channels

Expert on this topic
Jay Bigelow, Chief Architect of MicroMass Communications Inc., discusses keys to creating integrated multichannel communications programs.