Talent Pool


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Product Description

Pharma POOL
Andrew R.J. Bonfield
, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Mark Sullivan, UCB Pharma Inc.

Biotech POOL
Dr. Peter Christey
, Guava Technologies Inc.
Dr. Vincent DeVita, Vincent T. DeVita, M.D.
Thomas E. Rathjen, Genencor International Inc.

Specialty POOL
Kip Frey,
Inspire Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Terrance G. McGuire, Inspire Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Gregory J. Mossinghoff, Inspire Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Dr. W. Leigh Thompson
, Inspire Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Mark D. Perrin, Orphan Medical

Drug Discovery/Development POOL
Dr. Robert Bergstrom,
Magellan Laboratories
Lori Feehan, Magellan Laboratories
Dr. Richard Kenley, Magellan Laboratories
Dr. Michael Zhou, Magellan Laboratories
Frank Casieri, PPD Inc.
Richard Staub,
PPD Inc.
Dr. Neil Cook, PerkinElmer Inc.
Dr. Mary F. Johnson, PharmaNet
Michael E. Laird, PharmaNet
Dr. John R. Redman, PharmaNet
Michael B. Stieber, PharmaNet
Dr. Ann Sysel, PharmaNet

Drug Delivery POOL
Dr. Donald E. Morel Jr.
, West Pharmaceutical Services Inc.

Emerging POOL
Frank Bambarola,
Protarga Inc.
Timothy McKinlay, Protarga Inc.
Robert A. LoBosco, LifeSpan BioSciences Inc.

Supplier POOL
Paul Mignon
, Ventiv Health

Service POOL
Greg Amaroso,
Jason R. Epstein, I-SITE
Jennifer Linden, I-SITE
Robert A. Cecere, MDchoice Inc.
Dr. Douglas Cowart, Medifacts International
James R. Krejci, Medifacts International
Vincent S. Lagrotteria, Medifacts International
John M. Darcy, Aegis Analytical Corp.
Gretchen L. Jahn, Aegis Analytical Corp.
Bill Engle, TrialCard Inc.
Lisa Kindig, Strategic Marketing Corp.
Aaron Levin, Medicalliance Inc.
Dr. Ryan Nguyen, Medicalliance Inc.
Jason Russo, Medicalliance Inc.
Dr. Stephanie Sansoni, Medicalliance Inc.
Stephen Gerard, SimStar Internet Solutions
Robert Rebak, SimStar Internet Solutions
Jeffrey Springer, AAC Consulting Group
Lyn Wiesinger, IMS Health
William Wilson, M2 Communications Inc.

Media POOL
Jamie Blocher,
MD net guide
Jon Haggerty, MD net guide
Kyle Marie Cervone, Thomson Physicians World
Cheryl Clayton, Thomson Physicians World
Alefiyah Danish, Thomson Physicians World
Susan R. Grimes, Thomson Physicians World
Dr. David Hartree, Thomson Physicians World
Jeffrey Mufson, Thomson Physicians World
Dr. Cedric O’Gorman, Thomson Physicians World
Mark Schaffer, Thomson Physicians World
Tim Schuh, Thomson Physicians World
Phyllis Hassard, Thomson Medical Economics
Dennis O’Neill, Thomson Medical Economics
Kenneth D. Watkins, The Clinicians Group

Agency POOL
Tina Clemens, inChord Communications Inc.
Bryan Delmore, inChord Communications Inc.
Rosalie Dew, inChord Communications Inc.
Suzanne Goss, inChord Communications Inc.
Brett Halbleib, inChord Communications Inc.
Erin Haslinger, inChord Communications Inc.
John Hofmeister, inChord Communications Inc.
Kimberly Potterf, inChord Communications Inc.
AnneMarie Weber, inChord Communications Inc.
Akosua Apenteng, Accel Healthcare Communications
Kerry Baker, Accel Healthcare Communications
Bridget Donohue, Accel Healthcare Communications
Amy Goldman, Accel Healthcare Communications
Dr. Ira Mills, Accel Healthcare Communications
Michelle Morgan, Accel Healthcare Communications
Wesley Sparks, Accel Healthcare Communications
John Vassiliou, Accel Healthcare Communications
Christopher Worath, Accel Healthcare Communications
Alfred Assin, Wishbone-ITP
Gene M. Cavazos, Wishbone-ITP
Renee Mellas, Wishbone-ITP
Michael unglo, Wishbone-ITP
Brooke Blair, Donahoe Purohit Miller
Tory Cenaj, Donahoe Purohit Miller
Monica Noce Kanarek, Donahoe Purohit Miller
Laura Kippen, Donahoe Purohit Miller
Carlos Lopez, Donahoe Purohit Miller
Jim Pawlowski, Donahoe Purohit Miller
Dorothy Scott, Donahoe Purohit Miller
Theresa Vera, Donahoe Purohit Miller
Andrea Citarelli, Catalyst Communications Inc.
Dr. Linda Giering, Catalyst Communications Inc.
Rachel Tehrani, Catalyst Communications Inc.
Sherry Novembre, Catalyst Communications Inc.
Jennifer Votta, Catalyst Communications Inc.
Melissa Cooke, Ribotsky Worldwide Inc.
Anna Loyeva, Ribotsky Worldwide Inc.
Danielle Miller, Ribotsky Worldwide Inc.
Levy Valverdi, Ribotsky Worldwide Inc.
Gwen Wiggins, Ribotsky Worldwide Inc.
Stephen Daly, Advanced Clinical Communications Inc.
Sandi Filer-Gothie, Advanced Clinical Communications Inc.
Sherrie Bendele, The Xchange Group
Deborah Bennett, The Xchange Group
Robert Egert, The Xchange Group
Jim Pitney, The Xchange Group
Terry Volz-Sanders, The Xchange Group
Jerry Biag, Topin & Associates
Jennifer Holborn, Topin & Associates
Rebecca Zmyslo, Topin & Associates
Eva Hampton, Ad-Tech ­Communications
Dimitri Proano, Ad-Tech ­Communications
Laura Martino, Palio Communications
Ken Messinger, Palio Communications
Kevin Murray, Palio Communications
Michael Osterhout, Palio Communications
Dr. Linda Ritter, Palio Communications
Tom Rothermel, Palio Communications
Susan Scott, Palio Communications
Andy Smith, Palio Communications
Ron Pantello, Euro RSCG