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Although each of this month’s three notable ads approach the visual aspect of design differently, the common thread is the well-thought out use of strong graphic elements.
The cartoon GERD monster, which was developed by LM&P, playfully demonstrates the advantages of Wyeth’s Protonix for the short-term treatment in the healing and symptomatic relief of erosive esophagitis associated with GERD. Similarly, Doctors +?Designers has taken a light-hearted approach to communicate its corporate message, that health education is a brand’s most powerful marketing tool. By using physician-jargon, Doctors +?Designers cleverly highlights the gap between patients’ reading levels and the materials they receive from their healthcare professionals. The LLNS team takes a slightly different, yet equally strong, visual direction. First the creative team used jumbled musical notes to connote the discord schizophrenic patients must feel without medication, then visually demonstrates how Geodon could produce a calm, soothing therapeutic outcome.

Contributed by Rita Brett who knows a good ad when she sees one. That’s why after years of developing successful marketing campaigns with agencies in the New York metropolitan market, Adair-Greene brought her to Atlanta as senior VP/Creative Director for its healthcare accounts.

Let’s face it — physicians don’t see erosive GERD as life-threatening or the relief of heartburn as rocket science. So it’s entirely appropriate to take a light-hearted approach to promote Protonix, the proton pump inhibitor from Wyeth. And because GERD is an ailment that most often disturbs patients at night, the humorous and familiar graphic style of a children’s book is a great grabber that works ­wonderfully…

Contributed by Deborah Lotterman, Senior VP, Creative Director, LehmanMillet, a full-service healthcare advertising agency in Boston, says the Doctors?+?Designers’ ­corporate ads are tiny gems made big.

The first time I saw the hand-washing ad, I ripped it out and hung it on our board of notables. Usually, when it comes to ­medical work, we’re looking at notably bad. But these ads are delightful — the message couldn’t be clearer, and the delivery couldn’t be more…

Contributed by Maryanna Zamiska, ­Managing Partner, MDC, and president, MD Communications Healthcare Advertising,  New York, this Geodon ad hits the right note.

I was immediately drawn in by the scribble graphic on the front page of this launch ad for Geodon, a drug for the treatment of schizophrenia. I almost didn’t need to see the teaser line to know the product had to be for an antipsychotic agent as…