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Customer relationship management — what does it actually mean? Depending upon the organization, this business strategy can have multiple connotations. At its very core, a CRM philosophy mandates that a company shift all thinking and processes to transform itself from product focused to customer centric. CRM can help companies increase profits and sales by better understanding who their customers are, which ones are driving the greatest profits, what their high-value customers want, and how to satisfy them.
This fundamental change within the life-sciences industry would mean significant organizational restructuring. Pharmaceutical companies are typically formed around silos — brands, therapeutic categories, divisions, etc. CRM would mandate that companies begin to implement horizontal business structures, processes, and systems across their vertical holdings. All agree that this realignment will not be easy, in fact, it may be impossible to implement enterprise-wide, but industry experts say pharmaceutical companies have to begin to share data, learnings, and processes to better serve and identify their…