Talent Pool


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Product Description

Pharma POOL
Marge M. Contessa,
Guilford Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Nancy J. Linck, Guilford Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Thomas C. Seoh, Guilford Pharmaceuticals Inc.
William C. Vincek, Guilford Pharmaceuticals Inc.
David P. Wright, Guilford Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Ulf Wiinberg, American Home Products Corp.

Biotech POOL
Dr. Miguel S. Barbosa
, Chugai Biopharmaceuticals
William Bertrand, MedImmune Inc.
Dr. Gail Folena-Wasserman, MedImmune Inc.
Dr. James M. Pluda, MedImmune Inc.
Dr. Michael J. Gerber, Myogen
John M. Gill, 3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Melinda Rudolph, 3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Dr. Marc Gurwith, VaxGen
James P. Panek, VaxGen

Specialty Pharma POOL
Richard Brokenshire, LAM Pharmaceutical Corp.
Joseph Finster, Connetics Corp.

Genomics POOL
Robert M. Myers
, Exelixis Inc.
Dr. Max W. Talbott, Introgen Therapeutics Inc.
Ivan D. Trifunovich, Third Wave Technologies Inc.

Device/Diagnostics POOL
Randy Berholtz,
Ira Marks, Nanogen
David F. Erinakes, Cyberonics Inc.
Ephraim Heller, TheraSense Inc.
Charlie Liamos, TheraSense Inc.
Mark Tatro, TheraSense Inc.
Nan Watanabe, TheraSense Inc.
Dr. David J. Lentz, CryoCor Inc.
Brian Segrin, Metrika Inc.
Dr. Nassim Usman, Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals

Drug Discovery/Development POOL
Carl A. Pelzel
, Invenux Inc.

Emerging POOL
Dr. James J. Cappola, NitroMed
Judith S. Hedstrom, Alteon Inc.
Dr. Stephen L. Warren, Atrix Laboratories Inc.

Supplier POOL
Dr. Ron Carroll,
Cambrex Corp.
Dr. Daniel R. Marshak, Cambrex Corp.
Dr. Susan A. Evans, Caliper Technologies Corp.
Greg Kaupp, Prime Therapeutics Inc.
Dr. Philip Olson, Prime Therapeutics Inc.
Mary Puncochar, Prime Therapeutics Inc.

Service POOL
Judy Bramson
, Doctors + Designers
Leslie Cate, Quintiles Transnational Corp.
Dr. David A. Dworaczyk, Quintiles Transnational Corp.
Ken Fill, The DeLor Group
Kathleen Killmeyer, Dimensional HealthCare
Dr. Michael E. Woehler, Parexel International Corp.

Media POOL
Amy Clarke,
Thomson Medical Economics
Carol Jaxel, Thomson Medical Economics
Dr. Steven A. Silber, SCP Communications

Agency POOL
Jessica Agone-Ressa,
Catalyst Communications Inc.
Dr. Steven J. Cally, Catalyst Communications Inc.
Tara DiMilia, Catalyst Communications Inc.
Jamie Keith, Catalyst Communications Inc.
Kerri-Ann McLees, Catalyst Communications Inc.
Dr. Nicholas A. Squittieri, Catalyst Communications Inc.
Susan Suchcicki, Catalyst Communications Inc.
Lisa Tagliareni, Catalyst Communications Inc.
Kathy Arnauer, Ted Thomas Associates
Gail Johnson, Ted Thomas Associates
John D. Kohutka, Ted Thomas Associates
Kathleen Murphy, Ted Thomas Associates
David Raube, Ted Thomas Associates
Neil Wasserstein, Ted Thomas Associates
Paul O’Neill, Integrated Communications