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Executive Appointments and Promotions in the Healthcare Industry

Featured Talent:

Pharma POOL
Damian Braga,
Aventis Pasteur
Wayne Pisano, Aventis Pasteur
David J. Williams, Aventis Pasteur
Sarah S. Harrison, AstraZeneca
Dr. Philip Chaikin, Elan Corp.
Richard A. Gonzalez, Abbott Laboratories
Dr. Jeffrey M. Leiden, Abbott Laboratories
Chuck Hardwick, Pfizer Inc.
Jeffrey B. Kindler, Pfizer Inc.
Robert L. Mallett, Pfizer Inc.
Linda Heller, Pharmacia Corp.
Tamar Howson, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
Dr. Wolfgang Plischke, Bayer AG
Philip Thoman, Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Biotech POOL
Dr. George Chao
, Novirio Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Robert S. Whitehead, ZymoGenetics Inc.
Dr. Mark E. Young, ZymoGenetics Inc.

Specialty POOL
Adrian Adams, Kos Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Richard A. King, Kos Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Christopher Kiritsy, Kos Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Dr. Mark McGovern, Kos Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Christopher Rieder, Kos Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Fred Sexton, Kos Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Paul J. Hastings, QLT Inc.

Drug Discovery/Development POOL
Beth Anderson, Sequenom Inc.
Dr. Andreas Braun,
Sequenom Inc.
Rick Episcopo,
Sequenom Inc.
Dr. Jay Lichter, Sequenom Inc.
Dr. Richard Macdonald, Sequenom Inc.
Tristan Orpin, Sequenom Inc.
Dr. Charles Rodi, Sequenom Inc.
Dr. Leslie J. Browne, Iconix Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Brian Dickson, Covalent Group Inc.
Dr. Andrew L. Lux, Biomec

Device/Diagnostics POOL
H. Clark Adams, Data Sciences International Inc.

Drug Delivery POOL
Dr. Michael Myers, West Pharmaceutical Services Inc.

Emerging POOL
Michael W. Bonney, Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc.
John H. Wheeler, GlobeImmune Inc.

Service POOL
Dr. Paul Covington,
PPD Inc.
Fred Davenport, PPD Inc.
Lisa Hanges, ePharmaLearning Inc.
Beverly Hudson, CB Technologies Inc.
Christopher Matheus, CB Technologies Inc.
Robert “Bo” Wilkerson, CB Technologies Inc.
Joe Lazarich, TVG Inc.
Kenneth B. Lee, Jr., A.M. Pappas & Associates
Jack L. McCall, PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Dr. Tracy Tsuetaki, Quintiles Transnational Corp.

Supplier POOL
Courtney Nerenberg, Doctors + Designers
Rose Rios, Doctors + Designers
John Sullivan, Newton Interactive Inc.

Agency POOL
Michael Lampe, Feinstein Kean Healthcare
Jin Li Allen, Ribotsky Worldwide Inc.
Carey Pilato, Ribotsky Worldwide Inc.