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A single, focused message according to healthcare advertising executives is one of the most effective and challenging ways to communicate a brand’s attributes.
Each ad depicted this month breaks through the clutter in an unique way. Medicus London’s execution for Campral EC is striking in its aggressive use of copy and typography. Bold and powerful, yet the message is singular. The ad clearly denotes the stark reality that alcohol dependent patients face. William Douglas McAdams’ ad for Lo/Ovral, created nearly 20 years ago, withstands the test of time. This ad is a prime example of how powerful a creative execution can be when it is rooted in strong strategy. FCB’s Chickenpox awareness campaign is another example of an ad that communicates the message quickly, concisely, and creatively, three metrics that all agencies aspire to do in their communication efforts.

Contributed by Sue Blitz, Head of Copy, Langland, a full-service healthcare advertising agency in the U.K., says the ad’s copy is as visually dynamic as any photograph could be — denoting a raw, aggressive approach that captures the essence of Campral EC’s benefits to alcohol-dependent patients.

What’s black and white and read all over? It’s this innovative page stopper. Using monochrome graphics and powerful words this advertisement paints a colorful story to communicate what this product’s benefits really mean to individual patients and the doctors who…

Contributed by Rich Norman, Chief Creative Officer, Adient (a CommonHealth company), a full-service healthcare advertising agency located in Wayne, N.J., salutes the brand and agency teams for taking a leap of faith.

No, that wasn’t the original pitch for a Seinfeld episode. It was the McAdams creative team’s presentation to Wyeth on their oral contraceptive, Lo/Ovral: a brand with the benefit of an almost invisible — ”nearly spotless record” — of breakthrough…

Chickenpox Awareness
Contributed by Monica Noce Kanarek, Executive VP, Creative, at Donahoe Purohit Miller, a full-service healthcare advertising agency in Chicago, takes the stand that brevity is best and not only for ads that pass the “5-second test.”

Fresh, clean, clear, concise, I get it.  We hold our ads to the “5-second test” and appreciate how difficult it is to be brief.