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Where has creativity gone? That’s the question that 18 healthcare ad agency executives address in this month’s Forum — The Creative Challenge.
They are almost unanimous in their collective thinking: creativity within the healthcare arena is on life support. Some say this is an area that always has been weak, others say the downward spiral is more recent. Either way these executives give voice to their frustrations and suggest ways to improve the creative process.
Agency creative directors want the industry to know that “creative” can no longer be “swept under the carpet” or be an “add on” to the myriad services that their organization offers clients. Creative thinking and creative strategy must be a priority, not an afterthought.  Creativity is the “service” that they can offer clients that clients can’t do for themselves. Agency executives conclude that there needs to be a paradigm shift in attitude and attention.
Agency creative directors and presidents assume some of the blame, saying for too long there has been complacency surrounding this core competency. After all, they say, “we are supposed to be advertising experts, we should be going to the client with the confidence of our conviction supported by sound…