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Back to the Future 2004
Contributed by Harry Sweeney, Chairman and CEO, Dorland Global Health Communications

Credit the Food and Drug Administration with showing up in force and spelling out its intentions clearly at Parade Magazine’s Direct-to-Consumer Advertising Draft Guidance Symposium in New York City in one of the most collegial sessions I’ve attended in years. At the February event, Peter Pitts, FDA associate director for external affairs, set the tone for the meeting when he said the agency was expanding its charter from simply protecting consumers from potential harm to advancing America’s health, an evolutionary return to the agency’s origins nearly a century ago. The agency’s leading social scientist, Katherine Aiken, reviewed results of the two DTC surveys conducted by the FDA with doctors and consumers as background for discussion of the three new draft guidances by Director of the Office of Medical Policy, Robert Temple, M.D., and DDMAC head, Thomas Abrams…