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12    Commanders & Chiefs
These inspirational leaders take charge of their companies’ growth and success by providing a clear vision, developing innovative solutions, and making the tough decisions.

34    The Entrepreneurs
Forward-thinking, committed, and dedicated are just the tip of the adjective iceberg that describe these self-starters as they look to improve patient care.

62    Brand Champions
These industry executives are at the top of their game when it comes to creativity, strategic positioning, and developing meaningful communications that resonate with patients and physicians.

70    Change Agents
These industry thought leaders are redefining business practices, changing clinical trial paradigms, and impacting the industry with their innovative approaches to creative executions.

84    The Researchers & Scientists
The discovery, research, and development of life-improving medicines are what drive these innovative-thinking scientists.

90    The Patient Advocates
For these healthcare leaders, patients are the No. 1 component in the continuum of care. Their goals are to make sure that clinical trials are efficient, patients’ rights are protected, and communications are clear.

96    The technologists
Cutting-edge thinking and solutions are the hallmark of this dynamic group of individuals who are pushing technology to the edge for improved efficiencies and results.

100    The Mentors
We salute those who take the time from their own busy careers to help others develop their paths to success.

104    Alliance builders
Building alliances, creating relationships, and making the right connections require a great deal of skill and savvy.


The PharmaVOICE 100
This special July/August issue celebrates 100 of the most inspiring people in the life-sciences industry as identified by the readers of PharmaVOICE — enjoy more from these industry thought leaders.

More from the Commanders & Chiefs
The Chairmen, CEOs, and Presidents of leading healthcare,
pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies and organizations talk
about leading through change.
Laurie Cooke, R.Ph., Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association
Donato Tramuto, Physicians Interactive

More from the Entrepreneurs
These industry leaders are taking their start-up companies to the next level while having a positive impact along the way.
Jaswinder Chadha, marketRx

More from the Brand Champions
Using a variety of media, these creative executives are developing
compelling and effective messaging for patients, consumers, and physicians.

More from the Change Agents
By employing innovative strategies and out-of-the -box processes and tools, these top-level thought leaders are impacting change throughout the

More from the Researchers & Scientists
Embracing leading-edge science, these drug discovery and development experts are passionate about fulfilling unmet medical needs.

More from the Patient advocates
Protecting the rights of patients and making sure they are front and center
are top priorities for these crucial advocates.

More from the Technologists
Pushing technology solutions to the next level to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and speed development are the goals of these techno-savvy innovators.

More from the Mentors
Developing the careers of the next generation of life-sciences leaders is a responsibility these executives take seriously.

More from the Alliance Builders
Making the right connections, building alliances, and linking like-minded
partners are what these relationship builders do best.

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New healthcare-related products, services, and companies
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