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Making a Case for an Agency Union: A Union that Celebrates People

Corbett and Accel have joined forces to form Corbett Accel Healthcare Group. The goal is to attract top talent and leverage each other’s strengths to provide the service integration required by forward-thinking clients on behalf of their brands.
Call it a union. Call it a symbiotic relationship. Call it a brain trust. Call it anything but a merger. Agency executives are very careful not to call the joining of The Corbett Healthcare Group, Chicago, and Accel Healthcare Communications, New York, a merger because this joining of forces is not predicated on bolstering the bottom line through a reduction in head counts, resources, or offices but on expanding capabilities based on a core commonality: talented people.
“We share a real commitment to adding value to clients and creating a culture that celebrates people,” says Scott Cotherman, CEO of Corbett Accel. “We want to be a magnet for the type of talent that produces market-moving ideas and initiatives. We want to do business that produces business for our clients. Whatever differences between the two agencies, those core values are very much the same…

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