Dr. Victoria Hale: Hale to a Champion


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Dr. Victoria Hale, who both conceptualized and founded a nonprofit pharmaceutical company, is a true pioneer. Her goal is to create affordable, safe, and efficacious treatments for infectious diseases that affect millions in developing nations. Already, her company has made huge strides in making this goal a reality.
In an industry focused on saving and improving lives, to single out an individual whose need to contribute puts her in a league of her own takes quite some doing. With the formation of a nonprofit pharmaceutical company, Victoria Hale, Ph.D., founder, chair, CEO, and chief scientific officer of the Institute for OneWorld Health, has carved out a truly unique niche for herself and her staff.
The goal of OneWorld Health is to ensure that medical developments in the West are applied to healthcare needs in the developing world. The company’s focus is on providing affordable, effective, and safe therapies for infectious diseases.
“During my career, I’ve witnessed a large number of potential drug leads that aren’t taken any further for a variety of reasons, including the Western market isn’t big enough for such a product, the company would have difficulty recouping its investments, or the drug didn’t fit a company’s portfolio,” Dr. Hale says. “These are all valid reasons for corporations, but oftentimes the science would suggest a drug candidate is good or has great potential to treat conditions that affect people elsewhere in the world…

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