Lost in Translation: Tackling the Barriers to Hispanic Good Health


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The significance of the growing Hispanic market to pharmaceutical companies cannot be overemphasized. Hispanics are the fastest-growing multicultural group in the United States. According to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, by 2035 there will be 75 million Hispanic individuals, comprising 20% of the population, and by 2050 Hispanics will constitute about a quarter of the population. (Incomes of Hispanics are growing 60% to 70% faster than the general population.)
But just as important are the disease disparities within Hispanic communities and the difficulty patients have accessing healthcare services and information that addresses their specific language and cultural needs. According to the National Council of La Raza’s Institute for Hispanic Health (IHH), Hispanics suffer a greater incidence of such diseases as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and breast and cervical cancers than other U.S. patient populations.
Moreover, traditionally Hispanics have been less likely to have access to health insurance. (Since 1998, Hispanic healthcare insurance coverage has increased 3%, more rapidly than for any other group.) The 1996 Welfare Reform Bill is another barrier to healthcare for recent immigrants. This law does not allow people who came to the United States after Aug. 22, 1996, to qualify for Medicaid for the first five years after entry into the country. Hispanics also lack access to adequate preventive medical care and public health-education materials…

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