Talent Pool


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Product Description

Pharmaceutical POOL
, Novo Nordisk
Lamberto ANDREOTTI, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Alex AZAR, Lilly
Jack BAILEY, Lilly
Seigo KASHII, Astellas Pharma US

Biotech POOL
Dr. Rustum BOYCE,
Vivaldi Biosciences
Dr. Bin LU, Vivaldi Biosciences
Dr. William (Bill) WAINWRIGHT, Vivaldi Biosciences
Michael LYTTON, Biogen Idec
Dr. Ulrik NIELSEN, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals
Edward (Tad) STEWART, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals

Biopharmaceutical POOL
Dr. Henry FUCHS, BioMarin Pharmaceutical
Dr. Elkan GAMZU, Epix Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Brian HAMILTON, DOR BioPharma
Dr. Marcel ROZENCWEIG, Sopherion Therapeutics
Dr. John SCARLETT, Proteolix

Emerging POOL
, AcelRx Pharmaceuticals
Perry KARSEN, Pearl Therapeutics
Dr. Anatole KLYOSOV, Pro-Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Peter NOYMER, Alexza Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Theodore ZUCCONI, Pro-Pharmaceuticals

Agency POOL
, CommonHealth
Rich CAMPBELL, AbelsonTaylor
Paul TURSKY, AbelsonTaylor
Holly WRIGHT, AbelsonTaylor
Dr. Elizabeth COLSTON, Connexion Healthcare
Stephanie FITCHETTE, Connexion Healthcare
Michael FORTE, Connexion Healthcare
Alison JORDAN-FOSTER, Connexion Healthcare
Joe DALEY, GSW Worldwide
Jin Li FRICK, Core-Create
Scott HOFFMAN, Blue Diesel
Andrew LOHMAN, Blue Diesel
Dennis MCCORMACK, Blue Diesel
Dr. Todd PARKER, MedThink Communications
Amanda SELLERS, Spectrum Science Communications

Consulting POOL
Joe DILLON, Campbell Alliance
Dr. Andrew VON ESCHENBACH, Greenleaf Health

Media POOL
Susanna GUZMAN,
The American Academy of Family Physicians
Heather Boyle TOWNSEND, The American Academy of Family Physicians

Medical Education POOL
Cherie HICKS
, CMR Institute

Service POOL
, Princeton Brand Econometrics
Brian DEPPEN, TGaS Advisors
Curt STAAB, TGaS Advisors

Specialty POOL
, ANI Pharmaceuticals