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When we consider marketing a new and/or existing medication, there are two numbers that are worth keeping in mind: 12 and 3 — 12 minutes and three months. In our analysis of thousands of physician-patient exam-room interactions over the past 12 years, we have found the average time of a primary care visit is eight to 12 minutes. The average timing for follow-up visits in many chronic conditions is three months.
These numbers are, in large part, because of the increasing time pressures under which primary-care physicians operate. We all understand this dynamic, but we need to consider all of the effects this dynamic is having on healthcare and marketers’ ability to communicate the benefits of their brands. Let’s take a closer look.


Let’s zoom in and consider one 12-minute visit. Most visits begin with some “small talk.” For established patients, this is essential to re-establish and maintain rapport. With a new patient, this time is essential to create trust. This small talk typically takes…