10 Immutable Laws of Great Advertising


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Rule No. 1. Forget the rules. Yeah … forget them. But before you do, you’ve got to read them and understand them. While rules and formality can foster a rigid environment, they also can be highly effective tools to drive thinking and justify innovation.

Rule No. 2. Advertising is a contact sport. Get ready to roll up your sleeves, get dirty, and get an intellectual bruise or two. That’s the passion of advertising. Don’t mistake intensity for hostility!

Rule No. 3. Don’t take baby steps — jump! Incrementalism is a death sentence to innovation. So, if you really want to shake things up, jump off the ledge and build wings on the way down!

Rule No. 4. Creativity is the fruit of strategic thinking. Single-minded positioning is the springboard for powerful communications that get our audiences to make the critical comment: “Tell me more!” It all starts with a key insight…